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“White Claw Gabe” says he’s born in 1942, then chugs a bottle of Don Julio 1942

As a DJ, I sometimes find it hard to find people who can party and hang when I’m in the mix at a venue. Enter Gabe Bitwit, who calls himself “White Claw Gabe” on his Instagram page. White Claw being the name of one of the hard seltzer water beverages, that rose to popularity in 2020. After a quick browse through his videos on his IG profile, you will clearly see, Bitwit is no amateur to the party scene or  just drinking in general.

This post really peaked my interest because, he was “chugging” a bottle of Don Julio 1942. It’s a video post of him proclaiming…

Everyone was wondering what year I was born…here’s what babe…1942 babe.

After a few more words, mostly expletives, Bitwit proceeds to start throwing back a bottle of Don Julio 1942, attempting to drink the whole bottle in its entirety. See the post below so you can get the full White Claw Gabe experience, and then bow your head in a moment of slience for Gabe’s liver.

Antonio Fresco is an American DJ, music producer, recording artist, and radio personality. Born in Silver Spring, Maryland.