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Parallel Parking Fail [VIDEO]

When I first saw this video, I wondered to myself, “how did this person get a driver’s license with out passing the parallel parking portion of the driver’s test?” However, after living in a few states, you will come to realize that parallel parking isn’t apart of the driver’s test in some states.

With all that in mind, don’t allow that to diminish the hilarity of this video. Just count the numerous times this lady attempts to park this car. And what makes is better is that the friend comes back to help guide her, and even manages to help avoid hitting the back car. Only to find out in the end, that the back car, belongs to the same friend that was help guiding her. Said friend, gives the driving friend a hug, and then proceeds to get in her car, which is the back car, puts it in reverse and drives off. 😂😂😂

Why didn’t ‘guiding friend’ just do that in the beginning, when she saw that ‘driving friend’ was struggling?!?! Check out the video, and play as much as you like.

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