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After a few months off, Antonio Fresco is back on the radio in MIAMI. Hear him in the mix each and every Sunday from 2AM-4AM (Saturday Night), on HITS 97.3.

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Until Now! Ready to workout? Or do you need an upbeat vibe out to? With a new DJ mix being upload every Friday, there is never a reason not to have the proper vibe right at your finger tips. Subscribe to The Antonio Fresco Podcast today and get ready to TURN UP!

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Make Ya Move

You ever feel like you are just over love or the dating scene in general? Well this song, starts off just like that. It’s a story about a person who just isn’t looking to interact with anyone, but as the age old saying goes, “Love waits for no one”…and that is exactly what happens. There is a person who catches your eyes and then BOOM! You become slightly interested. But, you are not making the FIRST MOVE.

Leading Me On

Being lead on isn’t a great feeling, AT ALL. However, when you know you it, and slightly down for the adventure, well things can become a bit interesting. “Leading Me On” is all about that adventure with a bit of a DANCE twist.


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